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November 2016 Reading List

As a startup recruiter, mistakes can be easy to make, but you learn from them. So instead of making your own mistake, learn from Thomas Koponen, the HR and Business Development manager at Saleduck in Amsterdam. He shares 4 mistakes he made so you don’t have to.

As recruiting and marketing blend even more, you need to make sure you are following the trends, or you will be left in the dust. The Undercover Recruiter shares why recruiters need to become more like marketers.

Hiring the right people can lead to growth for the company. Castle Medical is the fastest growing company in healthcare and they shared how they hire for growth with the Undercover Recruiter. Director of Human Potential, Jonathan Hayes, gives us his secrets.

Social media is used everyday by almost everyone. That is why it is a good idea to utilize it in your recruitment efforts. The Undercover Recruiter gives us a handy checklist to make sure we are successful in our social media efforts.

Native advertising has been used by marketers and advertisers for a while but it can be utilized successfully by recruiters too. ERE Media tells us how.

Are you new to using social media for recruiting? Recruiting Blogs gives us a few starting points when it comes to social media.

Recruiting is changing quickly and you don’t want to be left in the dust. Recruiting Blogs gives us a few tips to revamp your recruiting strategy.

 Not everyone can be a recruiter. It takes specific training and a specific personality to be successful in recruiting. Here are a few things that HR leaders look at when hiring new recruiters.

Many job seekers are utilizing mobile devices for job search, especially in the field of trucking. This is largely because they constantly have access to their phone but not their computer. JDSUPRA Business Advisor tells us about why mobile recruiting can be beneficial to your company.

The first road-legal Class 8 automated vehicle was unveiled last May and automation could become the next big thing in trucking. The problem is the lack of investment in vehicle automation. CCJ tells us how this can be fixed.

Everyone knows that having a positive company culture and happy employees is extremely important for getting the top talent and keeping those people that make your company so successful. That is easier said than done. Fistful of Talent gives us a simple formula for becoming an enviable place to work

You can gain a lot of business by marketing on Social Media, but what you might not realize is that your social media marketing could be a lot more effective. Talent Culture gives us an idea of how well your social media should be doing and how to fix it.


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