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The Building Blocks of A Brand

We have been talking these past couple weeks about using social media as a means of recruiting – whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other technology that may come later. However, what good does any of that do if your brand as an organization or even a product isn’t solid? When potential employees (or potential clients) visit these pages to see if you are a good fit, what do you want to project to them?

There are many business that companies that have a popular online presence are successful because they seems that they understand that all members of the organization need to understand the “brand” and be in line with it. For instance, Bark and Co. posts videos of it’s employees or at it’s office but rarely does it even show the product.

You also need to be focused on WHAT and WHERE this your information is being presented; Instagram may not be the best platform for you but Twitter might be or visa versa. As I presented in previous posts, each social media outlet has its own pros and cons, challenges and rewards, as well as audience. Like with anything else, reseach must be done before jumping ahead. Get the most bang for your buck (and hard work) by getting the most eyes in front of your page.

With costs of recruiting on the rise, finding and retaining the right people for your team is crucial. It might seem like a long, time-consuming process but the results will be worth it. With all the platforms out there, there is something for everyone We are here to help you navigate the waters and build up your brand, from getting things started to keeping things going. 


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