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Unicorns and Purple Squirrels - The Mythos of "The Perfect Candidate"

I discussed all the ways we can REACH OUT to candidates…this is a blog for a recruitment advertising agency and you are most likely in recruitment somewhere. But what IS a great candidate? People are more then just check boxes on a form, so what makes someone a perfect fit? And when you find them how do you keep them?

One of the best articles I have come across recently, no doubt you have at some point as well, is this one by Ryan Holmes the CEO of Hootsuite. He speaks, using personal experience and observations, of what makes those ever elusive “unicorn employees” so special. When you are posting a job, and searching through tons of CVs, do you have a clear definitive goal of what you are looking for? Or is it more broad strokes? Also there is also the question that yes, this candidate is not limited to one particular skillset, but what if that makes them more restless in the position they are applying for? Should they be specialized or be flexible?

Arguments can be made for both sides and I suppose it depends entirely on what position you are seeking to fill. It also depends on what they company culture is like. One article at Harvard Business Review argues that perhaps it maybe more cost effective to first look at what you and your organization needs and focus on training current employees before trying to go on what might be a fruitless expedition in recruitment. This should seem obvious since there are many articles that focus on employee retention if for no other reason that turnover on many levels is expensive.

But once you have a candidate, or a current employee, how do you keep them? What do you do to make your company stand out? As we, and many others in the recruitment field have noticed, the ball is now in the candidate's court and the company is getting interviewed and sized up, just as much as they may be when they come in for a meeting. Across the board, it’s noted not just salaries but atmosphere and those in charge are taken into consideration. These are the same things that will make a so called “passive job seeker” jump at a potential offer.

You may call them purple squirrels, or unicorns, or some other buzzword. Maybe you have encountered or *GASP* caught one. Or maybe you haven’t. The world seems to be expanding with talented individuals. The pool is constantly swirling with what is necessary and useful. It is key to remember though that people are not cogs in a machine; that devalues both the person and the business. Perhaps if you are still on a wild unicorn chase, it is time to reevaluate what is necessary for success. 


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