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March 2016 Reading List

Welcome to the March edition of our hand-picked reading list.

Generation Z is now the largest segment of the US population, outnumbering the Millenials and Baby Boomers. Born in 1995 or later, they are just beginning to join the workforce. SHRM gives us four important tips when it comes to recruiting Generation Z.

Making sure your company has an employer brand is important for all of your recruitment efforts, yet many people don’t have an employer brand or even know what it is! Jodi Ordioni, President of BRANDMiX, explains to us what employer branding is and what it is not.

If you are in the recruiting industry, you know that it has been changing and evolving quickly in the past couple of years. ERE Media gives us their interesting opinion on the evolving role of recruiters in the next two years. Check it out!

Meritor has partnered with Trucker Buddy International to allow truck drivers to teach elementary school children about their job. This program allows children to grow up with a positive image of the industry. It also helps the children learn valuable skills like reading, writing, and geography. Trucking News tells the whole story.

Recruiters are having a hard time filling truck driver positions, leaving them with no choice but to hire inexperienced drivers. Magic Valley tells us why these jobs are so difficult to fill and what other companies are doing to combat hiring inexperienced drivers.

Getting a higher education is becoming more and more common in today’s society. Often, small businesses cannot afford to pay employees with higher education degrees. Luckily, Glassdoor makes a few good points explaining why your new hires don’t necessarily need one.

The trucking industry is having trouble attracting new drivers. Truck driving used to be seen as glamorous but is no longer an attractive industry. Business Weekly explains to us what needs to be turned around and what new drivers are looking for in a trucking job.

For those of you who don’t know, in the recruiting industry, a purple squirrel is a candidate that is absolutely perfect for the job, making the recruiter look great for hiring them. These purple squirrels are extremely difficult to find (hence the lack of purple squirrels in the world). Recruiting Daily is here to remind us that the purple squirrel isn’t the end all be all in recruiting. Find out why!

In a world of smart phones, tablets, and social media, we often forget the power of the spoken word. Daily Recruiting tells us why automated sourcing isn’t as effective as creating an actual relationship with the candidates.