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AI and Robots and Trucks, Oh My!

"AI and Trucking's Future Workforce, " by Seth Clevenger, greatly illustrates the approaching anxiety that comes with Artificial Intelligence in the workforce. Robots and machines are seemingly replacing humans across the globe, almost daily, when it comes to the workforce. AI works on a fast and automated pace, eliminating “human error” and saving companies money on salaries, lunch breaks, days off, etc.  The idea and concept is heading towards the trucking industry - Artificial Intelligence is gradually being introduced into the field. But! Drivers, fear not! The position of AI and it’s “take over” is not quite as extreme. Robots are planned on being introduced as a friendly form of assistance, rather than an object aiming to take over your job. According to Clevenger, " Over time, AI-enabled software will handle more of the tiresome, mundane tasks that require precision but little thought, while humans increasingly focus on solving complex problems and interacting with customers... it will operate behind the scenes, recognizing subtle patterns within massive amounts of data and pointing out anomalies that require the attention of a human worker, who likely won’t even spare a thought to the AI algorithms guiding the software." AI will be a way to enhance jobs and ease the burden of workers, rather than eliminating the need of a human staff altogether.  Click this link to check out the article.