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April 2016 Reading List

When we think of hiring, we most often think of hiring full time, salaried employees, but what about hiring freelance workers? Glassdoor tells us that there are many advantages to hiring freelancers.

Have you ever hired someone based on their performance in an interview and found out they were completely different in a work setting? Fistful of Talent uses science to explain this. Interested? Learn more!

The days of easy talent acquisition are over. The unemployment rate has decreased and candidates are being pickier about the jobs they chose. SHRM tells us what the 2016 recruitment marketing trends will be to compensate these challenges.

Need some ideas to improve you company culture? The Undercover Recruiter describes 5 companies that excel at company culture.

How do you know that the candidates applying to your job openings are the best people you can get? The Undercover Recruiter gives us some great tips to make sure your job ad is written to attract the top talent to you company.

Do you feel like you, or a recruiter you know, have lost your curiosity and desire to improve yourself? The Undercover Recruiter gives us several reasons why you should continue to be curious throughout your time as a recruiter.

Often, we come to work, do our job, and leave. We don’t think about any of the health implications that our jobs have on our body. Paul Siker, founder and CEO of Advanced Recruiting Trends, reminds us to think about our health in this insightful article.

Today the web is extremely prevalent and most job seekers are using it to find jobs, particularly career pages on your company site. That means having a career page that is easy to use and accessible to candidates is extremely important. Recruiting Blogs gives us 8 helpful tips to improve your career site.

Ever worried you’re going to make the wrong hire and cost your company a lot of time and money? Recruiting Blogs gives us a few things to think about before you hire to avoid that mistake.

With everybody on social media, it can be hard to get noticed, especially when posting a job position. The Undercover Recruiter gives us some great examples of how to get your job posting noticed on social media. Take a look.

With the economy on the upswing, it is getting difficult to fill job positions in a reasonable amount of time. Indeed gives us some tips to overcome this.