Ron Feldstein Recruiting

May 2016 Reading List

Everyone loves money right? Well yea, but have you ever heard of the phrase money doesn’t buy happiness? Glassdoor tells us why leveraging a competitive advantage like company culture is much better than bribing a candidate with money.

Are there any football fans here? Glassdoor gives us some reasons why recruiters should learn from the NFL and how they market the teams and the players.

Learning about what your ideal candidates want to know about your job opening can make or break if they apply to that specific job or not. The Undercover Recruiter gives us an idea of what your candidate probably wants to know

Are you searching for the top talent in your industry? Of course you are! But are you searching the right way? SHRM tells us that mobile is where all of the top talent is searching. Learn more!

Successful businesses are growing businesses and when those businesses are growing they need to have a recruitment-marketing plan. Many small businesses don’t dedicate a lot of resources to recruitment. Recruiting Blogs tells us what to do when you are a small sized company moving to a mid-sized company with a lack of recruitment planning.

So you put your recruitment marketing plan into place and everything seems to be going smoothly, but do you know for sure? Recruiting Blogs gives us 6 metrics to measure ROI from your recruiting program.

Candidates look at your site to find out more about your company before they apply. That’s why it’s so important to have a career site. ERE talks to you about why your career site should be the best it can be.

If you lived through the ‘90s then you remember AOL. They are still very prevalent today and set a great example when it comes to recruiting new, young talent. Forbes tells us all about it.

Do you ever have trouble hiring the best employees for your company? Chron let’s Google’s HR boss tell us his 4 rules for hiring the best employees.

We all know that hiring a bad employee can be costly. That is part of the reason why we spend so much time and money on recruitment marketing. SHRM gives us some humbling statistics on making a bad hire and some ways to avoid this.

The economy is improving and the unemployment rate is going down but companies are still having trouble finding highly qualified talent. To get the best candidates you need to be the best company. ICIMS gives us an excellent eBook with strategies for connecting with your candidates.

Chosing the correct social media platforms to use is one of the most important decisions in branding your company. Ad Week gives us the pros and cons of each social network, making it easier to figure out which platform will be the most effective for your business.