Ron Feldstein Recruiting

June 2016 Reading List

Be in the know when it comes to recruitment marketing.  Fiona Anson, co-founder of Workable, tells us recruitment trends that will be prevalent this year and a few that won’t!


Recruiting new employees can be expensive and difficult for smaller businesses to do well. Recruiting Blogs gives us some tips on budget friendly recruiting.


Recruiting internally is great for the company and great for the employee, but we don’t often think about how it makes the other employees feel. Recruiting Blogs tells us how employees may feel when another employee is promoted and how to avoid that bad feeling.


Candidates today are concerned with many aspects of your company when deciding to apply for a job opening; one is the benefits you provide. OnRec tells us the importance of having benefits that these candidates are looking for.


Have you ever thought about the differences in the generations (X, Y, and Z) when it comes to them as employees? OnRec tells us that if you want to get the job done, hire a Gen Xer. Learn more about this generation as employees.


Do you ever think about your recruiting efforts as a marketing and sales approach? B2C tells us why we should be doing this and why it is beneficial.


We all know that hiring someone with different values than your company holds can lead to a bad fit, but finding that right person with the same values is easier said than done. B2C gives us 6 strategies for finding the person who will fit right in with your company.


Are you having trouble finding qualified candidates? Check out this article from B2C for some tips on hiring top talent.


Most companies hire new employees right when there is a job opening. What many companies don’t realize is that having a “most wanted” list can be extremely helpful when trying to attract the top talent. Read about the benefits of a “most wanted” list from ERE Media.


Recruiters are always thought of as doing the recruiting, but what about recruiting the actual recruiters? Hiring the right recruiters will make or break your future employee hires. Glassdoor tells us what to look for when hiring recruiters.


Baby Boomers! The largest generation, right? Not anymore! But that’s no reason to overlook them in your hiring process. Glassdoor gives us 6 reasons why having Baby Boomers in your business can be beneficial.