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July 2016 Reading List

Wages are high and positions are available so why are so many trucking companies having trouble filling these seats? Charleston Business Journal tells us it is because of the lack of a positive image on the industry.

The image of the trucking industry is not what it used to be but there are ways to fix this, with everyone’s help.  CCJ Digital gives us an idea of what everyone in the industry can do to improve the image.

Shelley Hoppe, CEO of Southerly, tells us she frequently gets these three questions about recruitment marketing and gives us her insight on the answers. Could one of these questions be something that you have been wondering?

Do you ever feel like qualified candidates are skipping over your company but don’t know why? Chron gives us a few tips on how to attract this talent to your company.

Corporate responsibility is something that is extremely important to candidates but is often overlooked by the company. Forbes gives us a few myths and tips to improve your company’s corporate social responsibility.

Millennials can often get written off as the generation that was babied, but they are drastically improving the workforce, and Forbes tells us how.

Online education isn’t often mixed with the topic of recruiting but with technology improving it is becoming more prevalent when thinking about hiring. Forbes tells us why.

First impressions define what you think of a person that you don’t know. The same is true for companies, and their first impression with a candidate is a job ad. That is why creating the perfect job ad is so important. SHRM has a few tips for creating that ad.

Generation Z is still a bit of an unknown. Many are just graduating from college and entering the workforce this year so recruiters need to know what to expect when beginning to recruit this new generation. Luckily, SHRM has given us some information on Generation Z that we all should know.

There are many mixed feeling about asking candidates about their previous salaries. SHRM says there is a bill going through the Massachusetts Legislature that could prohibit recruiters from asking about salaries. Will it get passed?

Candidates should be treated like customers, but that is easier said than done when you have hundreds of resumes coming to you at a time. The Undercover Recruiter gives us key points to an excellent candidate experience.


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