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September 2016 Reading List

Now a days, we can’t get away from technology so being up to date on it is extremely important. HR Cloud gives us all of the up to date HR technology trends.

Recruiters have access to many technological advantages, but in order to be successful they need to be used in the right way. Talent Circles gives us a few examples of technology and how to use them effectively.

Daya has asked the world where do all the good boys go to hideaway. Well, recruiters are asking the same question, only they are looking for candidates! Good talent is becoming harder to come across and HR Gazette has the reason why.

Some people love to say no but for those people that it doesn’t come easily for, HR Gazette has the simple steps to doing it right.

Some of your best future employees will come from a current employee referral. This is why setting up an employee referral program will be extremely valuable to you. Recruiting Daily gives us several key steps to a successful program.

Employee referrals are nothing new but they are also not going out of style anytime soon. HR Talent Acquisition tells us why employee referrals can be so beneficial to your business.

Generation X is the next in line to take leadership positions. Forbes tells us why you should be focusing on Generation X in your recruiting.

Matching the right people to the right job can make a world of difference, but it isn’t always easy. Entrepreneur gives us a few easy steps to making this happen.

Having a well-written job description can be the difference between having qualified candidates or non-qualified candidates apply to your position. Recruitics helps us write a great job description with these simple points.

If you aren’t getting as many applicants as you would like from your job posting, consider checking out this article from Recruitics to see if they have the answer to the problem you didn’t even know you had!

Trying to recruit top talent is getting more and more difficult. Companies need to set themselves apart to attract the best people. One big way to do that is through perks and benefits, which are extremely important to candidates today. Learn how to offer the best perks from Blogging 4 Jobs.


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