Talent Acquisition takes many forms,
and never can start early enough...

Coliseum Communications currently works with Fortune 50 Companies, mid-size companies, and small companies throughout the country.

We help our clients recruit thousands of professionals each year, effectively and within budget!

Currently you or your HR/Staffing department is either placing ads/ postings directly with media or you're working with an another ad agency.
Maybe it's time for a change?

Basically, ANYTHING you will ever need from a recruiting and talent acquisition perspective, COLISEUM COMMUNICATIONS can do for you; from copywriting and working on job titles, (which may be the most important piece that is often overlooked), to branding, to developing a recruitment strategy, to negotiating contracts with media. Plus, our customer service is UNPARALLELED in the industry.

The following represent some strategies that we employ. We understand that it’s not about WHAT sources you use, but HOW you use them that will make a difference in your CPH.

Job Aggregators & Job Boards

Sites like Indeed.com and Zip Recruiter can be invaluable resources if used correctly with the proper PPC strategy. We can help you navigate the various sites and budget options with aggregators - we do this all day long for our clients.

Most clients do not realize Indeed has multiple options how to sponsor jobs, we use the option that takes more time, is much more work, but has more flexibility and often better results.

For Instance, posting on the HOSTED platform on Indeed vs The INDEXED feed platform offers various advantages to clients that most companies do not even know exist.  Click here for a quick explanation.

Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting from a marketing perspective simply refers to the use of mobile media, communication, or technology as a channel for attracting and engaging prospective talent. We see examples of this recruitment marketing being used with the deployment of SMS (Text-Job-Alerts), QR campaigns, mobile videos, career apps, etc. As with any mobile marketing effort, the key to success with this form of recruitment marketing is making sure the content is relevant to the needs of the target audience. Everything we do now is geared to a mobile audience.

Google Ads, Microsites & SEO

Advertising your openings on Google can be an invaluable recruitment tool. Google has a pretty good idea how to make money and how to work for its customers. Microsites are branded employment mini websites pushed out to the Internet utilizing strong SEO so that search engines index them and continuously drive traffic to your website.

Traditional Media - Print, Radio, Direct Mail

Yes, they do still exist, although we do not often recommend these media. We have designed or placed over 20,000 print ads, produced thousands of radio spots, and mailed out over 1000 direct mail pieces.

Full Service Capabilities

There really is not much difference in creating full service campaigns and strategy from recruitment campaigns. Whether its on-line, print, branding, social networking, or collateral, clients still need to trust the creative process and the account supervisors handling the direction of the project. There is no project too big or too small.

We currently work with various Full Service Clients creating ad campaigns, websites, collateral, newsletters, annual reports, on-line and social strategy, etc... We also help some of our recruitment accounts with advertising & marketing strategy in conjunction with their marketing departments.

Whether it’s recruitment or full service, we can help!