So Many Choices, So Little Time.

Social media has certainly changed the way Employers and HR professionals source, recruit, and connect with talent. Seems like every 6 months a new social medium pops up and companies and HR professionals scramble to have a presence.

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Every company is different, but when it comes to generating actual traffic, applications, and hires, we have found that Facebook is clearly the best source with the lowest cost per hire.

Sure, LinkedIn has a unique set of recruiting tools that most social media do not offer, but it comes with a very heavy price tag and may not always be right for your audience. Twitter may be quick & immediate, but it can take a long time to build an audience of followers who are interested in your job openings, and Twitter has not proven itself yet in the recruitment space.

Facebook has geo-targeting tools that are unmatched, and its ad boosts make it so simple to post ads and evaluate response. Because Facebook does such a great job in gathering personal data (whether you agree with its policies or not), you can geo target by age, sex, location, profession, and interests. Facebook also has the largest audience of any social media outlet, by far.

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